Municipal Photo Library Bruno Grandinetti

Piazzale S. Stefano, Potenza Picena

Housed in the former Church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, the Municipal Photo Library preserves Bruno Grandinetti’s photographic archive. His wife decided to donate the deposit to the Municipality of Potenza Picena. Bruno Grandinetti, born in Potenza Picena, has superbly described his hometown, showing the critical issues, but also engaging in struggle for social change. 

The collection consists of 15,000 prints, over 50,000 negatives and about 20,000 diapositives. Outstandingly valuable documents for those people who want to study deeper the territory of Potenza Picena.

The Municipal Photo Library is home of the Fotoclub, the local photographic club, and it houses the Kodak Museum. Its foundation is the result of the 40-years passionate work of a local citizen – Enzo Romagnoli -, who donated his private collection: 330 cameras, among which the oldest are from the late 19th century, and the newest from the 1980s.