Piramide de Mayo

Largo Giacomo Leopardi, Potenza Picena

It is the miniature replica of the original Piramide de Mayo, which is located in Buenos Aires. 

In Potenza Picena, Piramide de Mayo is the symbol of the strong bond with Argentina and its people. The monument was donated to the city by the Sociedad de Mutuo Soccorro of Potenza Picena, an important organization of emigrants.

It is entirely made of marble, and embellished with bronze panels by Giuseppe Asciutti. 

On the top of the monument, a statue representing Argentina’s freedom: it is the emblem of the events of past emigration lived by the people of this country. Nowadays, Piramide de Mayo is popular among tourists, but also among all those people who are proud of their roots and come to visit their homeland and their loved ones. 

After this dive into history, do not miss the opportunity to overlook the Belvedere Donatori di Sangue “Pincio”, where you can relax and admire a breathtaking view, from the Sibillini to Mount Conero on the sea.