Villa Buonaccorsi

Contrada Giardino, Potenza Picena

The hills that gently enclose the territory of Potenza Picena are the setting for an unmissable architectural wonder: Villa Buonaccorsi.

This charming sixteenth-century villa was the summer residence of a prominent family of Rome, the Buonaccorsi. The lavishly decorated interiors are not the only wonder of the manor. Just go outside to admire a unique garden, well-known beyond Italian borders.

The peculiarity of this Italian Style Garden is its plant: a terraced garden made by five differently-styled terraces, connected with an elegant staircase. Copious fountains, water features, statues, niches and obelisks make this place become an enchanting location still nowadays.

To top it off: the scent of a lemon tree house, an antique puppet show made by mechanized marionettes and an evocative English-style grove all around.