Il Grappolo d’Oro

Don’t feel sad about the end of the summer!

In Potenza Picena, food and wine evening events, historical re-enactments and other entertainment sources are still going on in September!

For this event, the town dresses in traditional flags, banners and cloths, rediscovering its medieval vocation every year.

The festival Grappolo d’oro has marked the life of the village for 60 years, by staging live musical performances, shows, tastings in wine cellars, food stands, street craft markets and art exhibitions.

The performances of the street artists will captivate adults and children (the youngest can also have fun at the play area with inflatable games!)

The event of the parade floats represents the key point of the festival, involving the history of the entire town from its origins. The show set in Matteotti Square as an open-air theatre is the annual competition between districts, a sort of Palio. In the evening, the participants, one at a time, enact real plays of 20 minutes with actors and extras. A long-awaited and very attended performance.

Good food and excellent wine won’t be missing there… so don’t miss out!