Oasi dei laghetti

SS16 – Porto Potenza Picena

This area is located close to the northern coastline and it includes a surrounding floristic area. The park is located in a former gravel pit. Today it is a protected oasis and is a refuge for various species of animals and birds, capable of arousing great interest even by lovers of bird watching.

The surface is 64 hectares, of which 32 hectares of water. In addition, the oasis encloses a short sandy coastline, an important place for ducks (as Moretta tabaccata) and coots: there, they can find a safe spot to rest or to pass the overwintering.

A cycle path connects the center of Porto Potenza with the Parco dei Laghetti.

The other stretch skirts along the Potenza river, crossing five municipalities up to Macerata and offering the opportunity to admire the archaeological areas of Potentia and Helvia Recina.