The great Palaces

Centro storico Potenza Picena

The present Town Hall was rebuilt from 1745 by the architect Pietro Bernasconi from Ticino, the main associate of the famous Luigi Vanvitelli. The later modifications were made in the nineteenth century. Inside, in the City Council Chamber Sala della Giunta, three valuable paintings are preserved. 

The fourteenth-century Palace of the Podestà was renovated first in the eighteenth century adding Ghibelline merlons, then once again in the nineteenth century. Both buildings overlook Matteotti Square, enhancing the charm of this suggestive place. 

The Mazzoni Palace (the former Trionfi Palace), in the alley named Vico Solanelli, has a stone gate dated 1469, while the family’s coat of arms stands on the architrave. Speaking of gates, don’t miss the chance to see the façade of the Properzi Palace, dated 1402 and located in the street Via Marefoschi. 

The other must-visit historical buildings: Magner Palace, Mazzagalli Palace, Carradori Palace, Marefoschi Palace and Villa Buonaccorsi.