The Religious Festivities

The annual festivities in honor of Saint Anne are held in July. On the last night of the ten days of celebration, a fantastic firework display takes place, leaving visitors speechless. Religious celebrations alternate with live public performances. 

Local fairs, singing performances, entertainment and folk events make the setting for the procession in honor of Saint Anne. Today as in the past, the local community takes part with emotional involvement. 

Another much beloved event of the local community is the Feast of Saint Girio, celebrated every year on May 25th. The town’s patron saint, Saint Girio, is commemorated with a religious celebration, a solemn procession and the traditional tribute of votive candles. 

For the century-long anniversary, many visitors come to Potenza Picena to indulge in the delicacies of the food stands, in live musical performances and entertainment moments. 

The Feast of Saint Vincenzo Ferrari takes place in the district of Montecanepino on Easter Monday. It is one of the most ancient celebrations of the territory. For this event, lots of visitors come to Montecanepino, and they are welcomed in the morning with a solemn Mass celebration, and in the afternoon with traditional folk games. 

August 3rd is another date to mark on your calendar: on that day, Potenza Picena celebrates Saint Stephen. On this occasion too, religious rituals alternate with public events, such as theatre performances, live concerts, food stands and fireworks.