Pesca con la Sciabica Historical re-enactment of the Pesca con la Sciabica

In Porto Potenza Picena, the name Sciapecotti identified the fishermen who used to fish with the trawl net, called Sciapeca. This old practice required the use of a needle with a large trawl net, made of two long wings and a sack to catch the smallest fish. The historical re-enactment of this practice is held every year, on the first Sunday of August. Get excited attending by the beach the traditional Cala dell’alba at sunrise, and Cala del vespro at sunset. Next, to top it off, enjoy the tasting of Brodetto, one of the typical fish dishes of Porto Potenza Picena. 

A precious opportunity to discover the customs and traditions deeply connected to small-scale fisheries, to sea and seafood. 

Experience the historical re-enactment of trawl fishing to feel like living in a vintage film!